How to get access token ?

In order To get access token you must Login To Facebook App Click HERE

Set Facebook Account

Before using our Facebook Autoliker, your Facebook account must have to be configured first.

In order to activate your Facebook Followers, your age must be +18 , if not change your age then you can activate it. Click here to open your Facebook follower setting

In your Facebook setting page, change your Follower setting from “Friends” to “EVERYONE”.

Change your existing Posts permission's that you want to use to receive the likes to PUBLIC.

Now, everytimes you create new posts, your Post permission's must be in Public.

Comment Auto Likes

You can auto like comments in different type of posts, status posts, shared posts, video posts, picture posts, etc to get the id just click in the time of the comment (watch below)

Now It is really simple, you only need to put your full post url after click on comment time in the input box Comment LIKE

My Account Is Locked!

If You Receive A Message From Facebook. Its A Standard Facebook Security Telling You That You've Logged In From Unusual Device. Since You Never Sign In To our website Before

Simply Open Your Facebook Via Browser Click here And Follow The Instruction

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